Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Things we all know but need to hear again and again...

Have you ever been somewhere and you meet someone that you know you were supposed to meet? These meetings are so random yet later you see that they were supposed to happen. A divine appointment if you will. Something that takes place to push you, to jumpstart you, to move your life along... Sometimes these seemingly chance encounters even take your life to another level.
We just returned from a 17 day trip across the country. We were blessed to be given the use of a beautiful house in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We drove out there in Vincent Van Go, our new, state-of-the-art limosine somewhat crammed, 12 passenger van and we stayed there 10 days. We traveled out there via the North of the country, staying with great friends and cherished relatives and later, we traveled back home across the south in order to experience a bit more of the US.
While in Colorado, we were the ultimate sight-seers, fitting everything we could into our trip. We headed into Utah, going to Needles and Arches National Parks. We drove to Four Corners, out in the middle of the bleakest of deserts, just to say we had all stood in 4 states at one time. We took in rodeos and county fairs, we tubed down hot springs and stopped at interesting places everywhere we could. This was a truly great trip. Not without its trials, I mean c'mon, life is life and nothing can be Griswold-free with a family like ours on a journey like this one, but overall it was truly great.
So my chance meeting happened this past Sunday, on the final leg of our journey home. We were in a beautiful area, gorgeous horse country with farms that would rival Southfork. Winding down the country roads a couple of the kids began to complain of full bladders. There was nowhere to stop. After another 1/2 hour of complaints we finally saw a Food Lion grocery store. We pulled in and everyone quickly headed towards the restrooms. But as I was walking in a lady stopped me entering the store. She asked me if the van in the parking lot was mine. "Yes", I replied nervously... She told me that she loved my bumper sticker (yep, I love it too!)
and she thought my family was beautiful. She told me that she has been thinking of adopting because she has been so inspired by a woman who writes a blog. She told me that the woman had given up her dream of being a farm girl in order to adopt children. We talked for another moment and then I rushed to the potty with Marin... It was a chance meeting. A sweet meeting.
But then today I had a chance to check out the blog she mentioned - That chance meeting led me to this blog that led me to this video that brings it home to me once again how God uses adoption to further His kingdom and sadly, how not enough Christians out there are doing it.
People often see me with my 8 children and say, "oh, we wanted to adopt but it was too expensive", or, "we thougth it was too hard to do", or "we were getting too old"... Please, none of that matters. What matters is that there are at least 147 million children in need of you and your home right now! You don't have to adopt from Liberia or Nigeria or Ethiopia or China. The good Lord knows that there are certainly children here in the US who need loving homes!
And maybe, just maybe, you linking into my poor, neglected Irishopian blog was the chance meeting God wanted you to have today. Please, watch this video and reflect.
I think He is calling many, many more families to open their hearts and homes. And to drive big vans.

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